The place I live doesn’t really keep snacks around. We keep around ingredients to make delicious meals, but snacks around here consist of handfuls of sunflower seeds or pieces of bread. Fruit is a great snack when we have it. Mostly, we eat large meals that consist of many parts and steps. On average, it takes over an hour to make a meal around here. This isn’t counting “snack meals,” like when breakfast is a bunch of bagels. For full meals, there’s at least an hour of effort in there. We make a lot of things. Like soymilk.

We have a soymilk maker. It’s fabulous. If you like soymilk, you should buy one. On the ever growing list of things that will suck when I move out, the loss of the soymilk maker is on this list. In making soymilk, there’s this mass of ground up soybeans left over. Sometimes we mix bits of it with eggs to make them fluffy. Sometimes it’s used as a grain replacement with vegetables for snack meals. In the past it’s been used in pancakes. There used to be a resident here who would pour chocolate sauce on it and eat it. Normally, we end up throwing some of it away.

Today, bemoaning my lack of snacks and wanting one, I decided to use it to make crackers. I mixed the watery soybean mush with flour until it has the consistency of dough. I rolled it, cut it, flattened it into circles, and put them on a baking sheet. They were brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and then doused in whatever seemed like a good seasoning. Each row was different: basil, oregano, nutritional yeast, burberry, turmeric, rosemary, and a few other random, unidentified things. I baked them at 450 until they seemed cracker like.

They are pretty good. Pretty good indeed. I tell myself they’re less unhealthy than most crackers because the main ingredient is soy. I also tell myself that we now need some hummus. I should probably go soak some chick peas.


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