Iceland, 02

The largest cafe chain in Iceland is Kaffitar. It’s co-owned by the national barista champion. They have seven locations. Cookies there cost as much as drinks. This is to say something about the cost of cookies, not the cost of drinks.

Though, there’s something to be said for the drinks too.

At Starbucks, a chai latte costs about $3.50, or about that as far as I remember. A chai te with mjolk costs about 350 krona. For an extra fifty, you can get it with soy instead of milk.

This is close to two bucks.

My chai is served in a tall glass. Soy milk foams more than regular milk. The barista, a friendly man who likes to chat, wears a scarf around his neck and smiles. He frowns at the glass.

“Take care of that,” he says. I take a few sips of the foam. He pours more drink into the glass, making sure it is full.

“Here is some allspice and some cinnamon,” he picks up grinders that hold whole cinnamon and whole allspice in them. “They will be good in the chai.” He grinds some of each into the glass.

He turns away but pauses to watch while I take a sip.


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