>Iceland, 05

>One of the things we did in Iceland was, as a group, construct an ongoing list titled “Reasons [Our IRC Channel] Should Move to Iceland.” Here is that list.

  1. Hot springs running from the tap
  2. You can have a pony!
  3. The Icelandic word for “computer” is literally ” number oracle”
  4. Icelanders are so communal
  5. There’s a spanking [and candy] holiday
  6. The people are great.
  7. Swimming laps in outdoor pools in January.
  8. Their ISPs won’t let us buy a proxy, they’ll give us one for free “as a small contribution to whatever you’re doing.” That’s trust.
  9. Harsnyrting!
  10. The tallest mountain is a glacier.
  11. Facebook app for Icelandic genealogy.
  12. Golden Circle
  13. AURORA!

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