I have lots of plans. For example, plans of things I wish to blog about but don’t–either due to time or inspiration.

Why I became a vegan in the first place, why I became a vegetarian in the first place, how my opinions on both of these have changed, and how I wish I could give them up but I can’t.

My parents donated to Wikipedia and Wikileaks. Previously, they have donated to SIAI (the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence) and the Hunger Project. Dad normally makes a point to also donate to microfinance groups. I have donated to MSF, but no longer do so. I have also donated to BNB, and would like to do so more. I would really like to find a good water infrastructure group, but they’re all kind of a let down in the end.

Citizen Photojournalism
Why I believe that, for the most part, photojournalists aren’t people and citizen photojournalists are leeches. I cannot emphasize “for the most part” enough here.

Seeing the Protomen At PAX
And how much I loved it.

Seeing the Protomen at the Middle East
And how it scared me.

The Death of Steve Jobs
And incidentally Iilya Zhitomirskiy. I don’t care that either of these people have died and I sort of think it’s important to explain why.

As a Pennsylvanian (almost the same way as someone whose parents moved to the US from Italy is Italian–almost) I have strong feelings about what happened, as do many people I know. However, I think this is really just window dressing for a bigger issue in which I think we shouldn’t vilify pedophiles and how they need help. The relevance of this has almost passed out of the news. I also think writing it would get me into a lot of trouble. Part of why I want to is so people will argue with me about it and help me shape my argument.

Oh dear gods, these are just the ones I’ve been thinking about today. I have a backlog list of others.

3 thoughts on “Plans

  1. > However, I think this is really just window dressing for a bigger issue in which I think we shouldn’t vilify pedophiles and how they need help

    The Paterno scandal isn’t about that, though — it’s primarily about him, not Sandusky. Regardless of how you feel about whether the pedophile himself should be punished, it seems clear that it’s downright evil to prefer to let a pedophile continue to attack his victims for reasons of convenience than to tell the police, prevent future attacks, and get help for the pedophile. It’s quite straightforward to argue that what Paterno did was *worse* than Sandusky, using your disease argument above — what disease did Paterno have to justify his inaction?

    • I see I was not clear there.

      I think what Paterno did (allegedly did? I heard there might be some new stuff here) is unforgivable. It, however, leads me to 1) an argument about “institution values” and 2) another argument about how pedophiles need to be helped. I wanted to write about the second one more than the first, since I’ve seen a lot of that already and I don’t think I have anything to add to the conversation.

  2. I like it that you’re thinking about the issue, rather than settling for an automatic blah, blah, blech about it; of which there is an abundance.

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