A moment from Caturday Hacking, as proof that not everyone works on FLOSS things.

Damian is reading

Ella is e-mailing.

Chris was responding to a friend request from his cat on facebook. Now he is publishing a copy from flickr to facebook application.

Christine is trying to get authentication to work with node.js.

David was trying to make elisp help him explore packages into R. Instead, he read papers on his iPad.

Mad worked on making sushi, and is now working on her paper. She is editing the paper for new data concerning three genomes for the same person that were finally recreated according to a more recent standard.

Chris is reading a photography book.

Noah was blogging and watching people play Magic online. Now he is playing Magic online and watching people play Magic online.

Brett is working on dtrx. It extracts different kinds of archive files, but makes sure they go to the right directories in the right names with the right permissions.

Asheesh is working on a simultaneous video watching tool.

Okay, so a lot of those were FLOSS kinds of things. I think. I’m not sure what node.js is. But, at one point, May was making necklaces.

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