I have wildly cinematic dreams. I like that I have these, as every day I wake up having just watched at least one movie starring me. There are frequent themes, me running from something, me searching for something. The exceptions are those dreams where my teeth are falling out or I find out I have a final/deadline for a class/project at work I never knew about.

I hate those.

In one of the dreams from my childhood, I daresay the first dream I remembered having, involved being trapped in a museum or office or crazily designed building of some sort. We needed to escape, because dinosaur like monsters had gotten lose in the building. There were no elevators, only stairs and labyrinth like halls.

I asked my mom if that was a movie we saw, since it was more like watching a movie than any dream I’d ever had before–if I’d even had them before. I hadn’t even known I was asleep.

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