There are these guys called No Media Kings. They make stuff. Creative stuff specifically.

I backed a Kickstarter for their film tour of GHOSTS. I did this entirely because they’re releasing their film DRM free. In fact, they do other things than just make GHOSTS. They write books which are also DRM free.

I have both practical and philosophical reasons against DRM. My time with the FSF gave me the opportunity to develop the former and understand the latter.

Philosophical grounds are a good basis for things. Foundation might be a better word. These can be moral, ethical, pick your poison. When your standing against the wind–and the wind shrugs off DRM–it’s nice to have practical arguments. These can be well built on your philosophical foundations.

I have a collection of stories about how DRM has negatively affected people on practical levels: losing content, losing important documents, memories, work. I throw these out to people and sometimes someone grasps on and thinks about it for a while.

Practicality is nice, but sometimes your philosophy is all it takes.

One time going through security, a young TSA guy asked me why I was opting out. He told me I was his first opt-out. He had the official literature about the health risks memorized. He knew about security risks. He was prepared for what he expected to be thrown at him.

“I think it’s wrong,” I told him. “Because I don’t think we should treat each other this way.”

“I never thought about that before,” he told me.

November is hosting some of the people who made GHOSTS as they’re on tour screening it. If you want to join me July 14th to see GHOSTS at MIT, I’d like that. details about the 8pm showing are online.

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