Let’s talk about PRISM. Let’s talk about women’s rights and gay rights and trans rights, which really all come down to human rights. Let’s talk about why someone at Seattle Pride doesn’t know who Bradley Manning is and if or why that matters. Let’s talk about Perry trying to force a quorum in Texas to pass a bill that will lead to the closure of abortion clinics. Let’s talk about the Philadelphia public schools being closed down. Let’s talk about rape and debt and education and pay offs. Let’s talk about unemployment rates and health care, how doctors and insurance companies tell patients they cannot receive treatments; how doctors and insurance companies don’t know about treatments. Let’s talk about people choosing not to vaccinate their children, effectively making the statement “I believe that the chance a vaccine will cause my child to have autism or asthma is more important than the chance that my child will get sick and kill your child.” Let’s talk about plastic bags and tyvek wristbands, cork and bananas, fracking and the nutritional value in an ear of corn that you pick up from the supermarket, how our desire for sweet taste, or biological need for easy calories, has changed not just which crops we choose to grow, but the physiology and development of those crops themselves.

Let’s talk about how dinosaurs went extinct, and the passenger pigeon. Let’s compare them and define the value of extinction. Let’s talk about geological time scales. How the world moves and things move and the theoretical heat death of the universe. How rocks form and water moves. How life finds a way; how nature finds a way.

Let’s talk about the value of our individual experiences and our lives. Let’s talk about what matters to us, as species, as races, as nations, as people. Let’s look at our world and our lives and each other with thoughtfulness, care, and intention. Let’s ask ourselves what matters, why we are doing what we’re doing, and where it will lead us.

2 thoughts on “talk

  1. About 6 blood tests had been ordered by my doctor, so I called the lab to find out if there were any pre-test instructions and to make an appt. After the usual automated prompts, I spoke to a human, who told me I had to make my appt on their website. I have already looked at the website, where there is no section for pre-instructions, that’s really why I’m calling. I said “well, I have you on the phone anyway, so can you just go ahead and make the appt?” “No, I am not able to, the appt must be made on the website.” Kind of un-user friendly thinks I, but let’s proceed with my question about pre-instructions…is any fasting required? After I tell her the name of the first test, She tells me to go no further, that fasting is required. I want to tell her the name of the other tests, too. She sighs in exasperation, telling me that it’s not necessary…but I want to continue; I don’t want to show up for my appt and have someone tell me I’ve wasted my time because I haven’t followed instructions. She tells me in no uncertain terms that the only possible thing I would have to do is not eat or drink for 10 hours prior to my tests. That’s all, no discussion, make the appt on the website, goodbye. So, you know where this is heading, right? When I show up for my appt, the very same person (I instantly recognize the voice), asks me a series of questions after looking at my doctor’s paperwork. She asks if I have had any alcoholic drinks or any vitamins in the previous 24 hours. What the !*?! …thinks I. Fortunately, I have not. And it’s a good thing, because I would have had to come back another day. I then ask about about the elderly and what they are supposed to do if they do not feel comfortable enough with (or do not have) a computer to make an appt. “Oh, most of our patients fit that description…they just walk in and wait”. And if they have to wait 2 hours, tough luck, And if they needed to fast, and didn’t, tough luck. This is how our health “care” system takes care of us. Our needs come last. This is example is just a tiny blip on the radar of the problems in the health care programs in this country.
    But it’s an example of where the frustration level of the patient can start and with each new encounter of incompetence, greed and complacency, can grow into a rage of helpessness.
    Oh, yeah, this is a lab that is “capitated” with my health insurance. I have to use them.
    Thanks for the vent.

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