At approximately the same time, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace created theories of evolution. Frequently, people who come up with the same, or similar, idea concurrently hate each other, privately and publicly. One of them becomes a hero and the other is forgotten.

MIT professor James Durant said the following on Darwin and Wallace:

Nonetheless, the way in which they handled their joint ownership of modern evolutionary theory was exemplary. They never, ever disputed each other’s priority to the theory, grumbled about the credit the other received for the discovery, [or] became embittered rivals.”

History, 02

I was reading Percy Jackson when I realized that in talking about some of America’s greatest bros, I neglected all of mythology’s great bros. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Apollbro
  • Brometheus
  • Brosideon
  • Broki
  • Brodin
  • Brometeotl
  • Susanbro

It’s important to note that being a bro is in no way limited by gender. Some great chick bros from mythology are:

  • Aphbrodite
  • The Broígan
  • Amatebrosu

Just so you know I didn’t forget them or anything.